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Welcome to the SALTY AND ROUGH world of OYSRÍ. A rock and roll star among high quality oysters. It honors the CELTIC word for oyster: oisrí. This salty delight is grown to perfection in the fresh, clean and green Dungarvan Bay area in Ireland.JOE HARTY and his family are Irish oyster pioneers and responsible for the life cycle of the OYSRÍ oyster. They farm their land in a sustainable way, even before it got fashionable.

When fully grown and ready, the OYSRÍ oysters travel by truck to Yerseke in the Netherlands. KRIJN VERWIJS bears the responsibility to complete the last purification step and run a quality and safety check before they are placed in this remarkable box. All to ensure the highest quality and a product which is gorgeous to consume. Enough said, TASTE ONE! It might just change your life.

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